Murano Glass Jewellery

A LITTLE HISTORY of Murano Glass Jewellery

Murano glass according to historians began its life in Rome, glass furnaces have been discovered in Venice dating back to the 8th century.  It is documented that Venice by the 1200’s was emerging as a significant glass manufacturer providing the city’s largest industry, crafting a large collection of glass objects from sculpture to jewellery.

Venetian and Murano glass is very much interwoven it was in1291 when all Venice’s furnaces were moved to the island of Murano for fear that the wooden buildings were at risk of fire and destruction that its reputation as a unique centre for glass making was born.

Artisans working on the island of Murano were afforded many privileges including immunity from prosecution, and marriages into affluent Venetian families. In exchange for these rewards glass-makers were not allowed to leave the republic of Murano and harsh punishments were imposed for those that tried to leave.

Today’s techniques and raw materials used for Murano glass jewellery making have changed little from the centuries old methods handed down from generation to generation.

Although today there are makers in Venice as well as on Murano.

All our Italian Murano glass jewellery at and the beads that we work with are genuine, we go to great lengths to source the most beautiful glass we can find, working with artists in small studios in the little alleyways on the islands of Venice.

No other glass compares to Italian Murano glass because of its clarity and depth.




Piazza San Marco



Lets go visit the Piazza San Marco today Oh how I wish I were there!

Take yourself to this grand square the most famous in Venice, in fact the only one to be known as such, the others regarded as campi or campielli.

Overwhelmingly busy during the day full of tourists on day visits rushing from one famous site to another, in order to tick it off their list of ‘you must see’.

Instead wait until early evening when the hub bub has died down if you can arrive at the entrance where the sal san moise meets the square.  there you will be greeted by the veiw of the Basilica di San Marco in all its glory. If you are lucky as I was on my first visit the orchestras will be playing an experience I will never forget, it was like walking into another world transported back in time.

Sit at one of the famous cafe’s sip the thick delicous hot chocolate or a glass of presseco and indulge in its romance.



The Colours Of Burano



OK so the lights and warmth of Christmas are gone, and we are left with a dull January to look forward to…..

Lets give ourselves a boost and take a look at one of the most colourful places in the world. Originally known as Porta Boreana – The Northern door to the city of Venice, is the island of Burano.

About 40 minutes by boat from the hustle and bustle of Venice, this little town couldn’t be more different to the others in the lagoon. Its residents homes painted in sunny bright colours that are reflected in its narrow canals and glisten in the Italian sunshine. Its history as long as its lagoon relations, famous for its high quality lace making dating back to the 1400’s, it has an almost Caribbean atmosphere much slower and laid back.

Although still full of shops selling Murano glass, lace and other touristy treasures its a world away from the opulence and grandeur of Venice

With washing hanging out and the occasional local sitting in a doorway watching the world go by, you can imagine being a fisherman coming home after a long day to one of the delightful warm and colourful looking homes, feasting on fish from the Adriatic.

So if you are planning a visit to Venice this spring, remember to give Burano a look.



Christmas in Venice



Christmas in Venice, want to visit without the crowds December is the time to go, magically lit up cold and delightful, misty canals quiet walkways and lots of atmosphere.

The ideal place to shop for unusual gifts for your friends and family, for world famous Murano glass jewellery and ornaments, available all around Venice and on the island of Murano, Natale di Vetro (Christmas of Glass) As well as beautiful lace from Burano island, and traditional Christmas markets.
Wrap up and wander around this enchanting city with its wonderful history and vibrant colour, visit the many art galleries museums and churches, sip thick hot chocolate to keep warm and……..

When you are tired pop into a little Venetian bar and nibble on some Cichetti with a glass of local wine – ombra, and watch the world go by. Cichette is rather like Spanish tapas little plates of local delicacies served in the many bars some of which have been existence since the 1400’s.







There is something about Venice that inspires a passion and a feeling different to any other city I have visited. Once in your soul it remains to haunt you until you return. It is like a mysterious and beautiful creature, it has its own personality, intense, rich, and elegant. Around every corner at the end of every narrow alley way the promise of a vision you will see nowhere else on earth. Silent beauty early in the morning majestic buildings like royal crowns rising out of the turquoise lagoon bathed in gentle sunlight. During the day, a ‘hub bub’ of noise excitement coffee bars and people, busy people, the labyrinth of canals like the veins of the city threading through every corner, transporting, moving, carrying and driving it on, Its very life blood. Then as the day draws to a close,it has a gentle calmness about it, as the evening sun lies across the grand canal like a golden wrap protecting the city fleetingly from the darkness of night. Julie White.

Ps. If you have never visited Venice, Go